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About Daniel and Maja Burkhalter

Daniel is quite a gifted craftsman with all sorts of material - but glass is really his joy and passion.
He is creative and at the same time his very functionally minded and takes the desires of our clients very serious. Sometimes his ideas of glass are very fresh and playful.

  • Daniel works at hot temperature ca. 1500 to 1800 C°.
  • Daniel works free hand and usually without any mold.
  • Daniel has worked out many techniques and loves to try a new idea.
  • Maja loves people
  • Maja pass-on her knowledge about the various types of glass
  • Maja has a good eye for colors
  • Our specialites are the hand-pulled glass strings that are in or at
    or around his glass works.
  • We started with glass balls that are filled with hundreds of very fine pulled glass-strings - people say like angels hair -
  • meanwhile we have a wide range of unique glass art pieces with glass strings.
  • People love our christmas ornaments, candle holder for the christmas tree and for other usage, glass jewellery and especially our fire-proof bowls, glasses and other dishes.
  • Animals, flowers, Alphorn blower, foot-ball-player and all other sorts on demand you will find in our bottles.
  • Wine-glasses on your design
  • Daniel loves to work out special orders according to your drawing or picture
  • Maja loves to help you to find the perfect gift